Unraveling the Mystery: Investigating the Disappearance of Marco Antonio Pineda

El Paso, Texas – In a perplexing case that has remained unsolved for over two decades, we delve into the details surrounding the disappearance of Marco Antonio Pineda. Missing since April 29, 2002, from El Paso, Texas, the investigation into his vanishing has taken various turns, leaving many questions unanswered.


Marco Antonio Pineda, an 18-year-old Hispanic male with a birth date of July 25, 1983, was last seen wearing a distinctive outfit—a light blue and white button-down shirt, dark blue sweatpants with light blue stripes, and white Converse shoes. Standing at 5’5″ and weighing 130 pounds, Pineda possessed distinguishing features, including brown hair, brown eyes, and an overlapping right front tooth. He may have sported a mustache, beard, or goatee, and his nickname is Mark.

Circumstances of Disappearance:

Pineda’s disappearance occurred under mysterious circumstances, raising concerns about his well-being. The details surrounding the events leading up to his disappearance, the people he interacted with, and his purpose for being in El Paso on that fateful day are crucial aspects of this investigation.

Investigative Steps:

  1. Interviews with Family and Friends:
    • In-depth interviews with Marco Antonio Pineda’s family and friends to gather insights into his personal life, relationships, and any potential factors that might have contributed to his disappearance.
  2. Review of Surveillance Footage:
    • Examination of available surveillance footage from the vicinity of El Paso, Texas, on the day he went missing. Identifying any individuals or unusual activities may provide vital leads.
  3. Forensic Analysis:
    • Collaboration with forensic experts to analyze any evidence, clothing, or personal belongings left behind by Pineda. This may yield clues regarding his whereabouts or potential foul play.
  4. Community Outreach:
    • Utilizing community outreach to generate awareness and seek information from individuals who may have witnessed something relevant on the day of Pineda’s disappearance.
  5. Law Enforcement Collaboration:
    • Collaborating closely with local law enforcement agencies, including the El Paso Police Department, to share findings and coordinate efforts in solving the case.

Appeal for Information:

The investigators appeal to the public for any information related to Marco Antonio Pineda’s disappearance. If you have seen someone matching his description or have any information that may assist in resolving this case, please contact the El Paso Police Department or local law enforcement.


As the investigation unfolds, the goal is to shed light on the circumstances surrounding Marco Antonio Pineda’s disappearance and, ultimately, to bring closure to his family and loved ones. The community’s cooperation is crucial in solving this enduring mystery that has haunted El Paso for more than two decades.

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